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International Classic Guitar Competition


"Bratstvo 1869" Community Centre announces the regulation for XXVII International Classical Guitar Competition - Kyustendil, which will be held from rom April 4 to 6, 2024, in the town of Kyustendil, Bulgaria.
The competition is organized annually and is under the patronage of the Mayor of Kyustendil Municipality - Petar Paunov. All eligible guitarists in the country and abroad who have submitted an Application form for participation by March 30th, 2023 can participate.
The regulation and the application for participation can be found on the site of the Bratstvo 1869 Community Centre - http://bratstvokn.org/ or on the website of the Competition - https://guitarkn.bratstvokn.org/

Guitarists from all over the world who would like to take part in the Competition and have filled in and sent the application form until March 30, 2024 may participate as contestants in the following groups:

First group – up to four grade (up to 11 years old)
Second group – fifth - seventh grade (from 11 to 14 years of age)
Third group – eighth - twelfth grade (from 14 to the age of 18 years old)
Fourth group – over 18 years
Fifth group – „Free Stage of the Soloist”- without age restrictions
Sixth group – „Guitar +”- without age restrictions
Seventh group –„Chamber Music” - without age restrictions
Eighth group – „Guitar Ensembles and Orchestras”- without age restrictions


Regulation with applicatin form - .pdf


Regulation with applicatin form - .doc



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Конкурс "Биньо Иванов"

Совалката “Артемис”
There are no translations available.

Какво ли още има да види човек -
едни към Луната изстрелват “Артемис”,
а други живеят в друго, първобитно време
и водят бран с ракетите от миналия век.

Един родината даже на прицел е взел,
защото този свят дворците й насмете.
Но църква оцеля – палат на Царя на царете.
Ечат сред него песните на Кукузел.

Напук на всеки безразличен многознайко,
остана от родината едно смирено хайку:
“Човек, и добре да живее, умира

и друг се ражда.” Посред панаира
от тленни страсти съзираш сюрприза -
най-едрия картоф къртицата изгриза.


Втора награда
Маргарит Жеков
гр. Хасково